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New Year's Eve with jazz

Terre d'Umbria
02 Dicembre 2014

New Year's Eve with jazz

The 22nd edition of the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival in Orvieto

Umbria and Jazz. A magical encounter. A subtle and deep alchemy has linked these two worlds since that spontaneous and itinerant debut in the summer of 1973, when, on a nightly basis, music travelled across Umbria, from one town to the next. The success was overwhelming, almost uncontrollable as if something in the places and the people inspired the artists and fuelled the music.
Over the years, the festival has become a staple event in Perugia's summer months: great names, great music, great audience. But Perugia and summer were not enough. This music and this land desired more still. So in 1993 the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival came into being in Orvieto, and jazz unmistakably became part of Umbria's history.

Over the years, the Festival has hosted some of the world's greatest jazz artists: from Dizzy Gillespie to Sam Rivers, Herbie Hancock to Miles Davis, BB King, Lionel Hampton and Gilberto Gil, Carlos Santana, Chick Corea or Brad Mehldau, Sonny Rollins, Miriam Makeba, Sting, Joao Gilberto and many lesser-known but equally exceptional artists, though we cannot mention them all.

Six exciting days This year's agenda, once again, includes many big names who will be taking to the stage in Orvieto. From the 27th of December to the 1st January, in this magical medieval city, in the 14th century buildings, amidst the mighty arches of the Palazzo dei Sette, in Palazzo del Popolo or in the city's theatres, the tuneful notes of Joe Lovano, Chris Potter, Anat Cohen, Davell Crawford, Jonathan Batiste, Paolo Fresu, Danilo Rea, Fabrizio Bosso, Chiara Civello, Nicola Conte, Tullio De Piscopo, Giovanni Guidi and Quintorigo can be heard. Great jazz, across the whole spectrum, but also blues, gospel, soul, every hour of the day, until the early hours of the morning.

Orvieto like New Orleans
During the Festival, music will be heard throughout the city of Orvieto, in the streets and squares where it drifts freely and immediately with a carefree spirit; it blends with colours and dance, music to be seen as well as heard.
Like a pied piper, the Funk Off marching band drives people across the beautiful medieval streets, re-interpreting the street band formula with a great sense of entertainment. But the city sound of Louisiana can also be identified in the performances of the septet directed by Don Vappie and Evan Christopher, Patrick Williams' Blues Express, Cynthia Bland's Road Home Band or Dawell Crawford's band, the "Prince of New Orleans", which interprets this tradition with a gospel and R&B twist.

Auteur music
Auteur music and quality entertainment, politically or socially involved jazz and performances. The festival can take on different dimensions depending on the place and time of day. In theatres, reflection, research, innovation. Music is explored and takes new refined and exciting routes.
And now, fifty years since the release of a masterpiece such as “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane, Joe Lovano and Chris Potter's quintet brings those magical notes back to life. Quintorigo with Roberto Gatto offers a heartfelt, honest, philological and experimental tribute to the unforgettable Frank Zappa.
While the expressive virtuosity of Anat Cohen, clarinettist and saxophonist, is expressed in the engaging sounds of Brazilian Chiaroscuro, Jonathan Baptiste, a promising young American jazz musician captivates the audience with his histrionic talent.

Homage to Sellani
But the star of this year's winter festival is Italian jazz, with all its bursting imagination and creativity.
There is an array of renowned musicians, who are regularly engaged in various projects. Maestri who have shaped the history of Italian jazz such as Paolo Fresu and Danilo Rea playing together as a duo, but also with the eclectic Cuban pianist Omar Sosa or the Italian Daniele Di Bonaventura.
Fabrizio Bosso, on the trumpet, will play with Luciano Biondini and Julian Oliver Mazzariello's quartet. Gianluca Petrella, one the world's most gifted jazz trombonists, will perform with Umbrian pianist Gianni Guidi.
The warm and vibrant voice of Chiara Civello, accompanied by Nicola Conte, will interpret songs by iconic Italian artists in a version combining northern soul, bossa nova, jazz and pop. And this will be the debut performance for young Aine, one of the most popular new talents on the Italian music scene and sole representative in Italy of contemporary rhythm and blues.
However, the highlight will be the homage that Danilo Rea, Massimo Moriconi and Tullio De Piscopo will pay to Renato Sellani, maestro and founder of Italian jazz, who recently passed away after having provided us with years of unforgettable emotions throughout his extraordinary concerts.

New Year's Eve
For six days in Orvieto music will know no boundaries or timetables. Constant cheerfulness and joy culminating in fabulous celebrations for the New Year.
Throughout the day, in the streets and squares, the Funk Off band will surprise visitors with a sudden saxophone solo or an unexpectedly popular new rhythm. Do not miss their show on New Year's Eve.

But the streets are not enough. The Jazz lunches, jazz dinners or jazz wine and gourmet events are times in which music becomes part of convivial moments, transforming them into something precious and memorable. An event not to be missed on New Year's Eve including dinner, and the "non-cenone" to the sound of good music will be held in the Altarocca Lounge of Palazzo del Popolo and Palazzo dei Sette. And at Ristorante San Francesco in the beautiful setting of the 13th century Franciscan monastery, a dinner will be held for New Year's Eve to the sound of jazz.

On the afternoon of New Year's Day, the top location will be the magnificent Cathedral, jewel and symbol of Orvieto. This is where the Mass of Peace with Dawell Crawford's gospel group will be held, in the name of the musical tradition of New Orleans. Expression and synthesis of different cultures and religions who meet through music makes for an unforgettable experience.

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