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GranFruttato back in communication

20 Luglio 2012

GranFruttato back in communication

The new press campaign for GranFruttato signed by Lorenzo Marini Group, a page to explain why our GranFruttato is a unique oil.

A pure white background, against which curvy Monini GranFruttato bottles are silhouetted and a few lines expressing the quality, taste and health with which the highest expression of Monini extra virgin olive oil is able to enhance any dish.

With half the drops compared to a common extra virgin olive oil. These are just a few elements to characterise the new Monini campaign dedicated to GranFruttato and made by the Lorenzo Marini Group creative team, already working on the excellent TV campaign on air in June on all national television channels.

The creative concept is deliberately essential to highlight the peculiarity of Monini's GranFruttato and its intended flavour. Entrusted to the body copy the task of unveiling the "secret" of GranFruttato in a few lines: obtained exclusively from Italian olives, which are harvested slightly earlier then when fully ripe, able to give intense fragrance and perfumes as well as contain high quantities of polyphenols - natural antioxidants - much higher than an ordinary extra virgin olive oil. Available in two sizes - double and single page - the campaign will appear in the most important newspapers, women's magazines and national cooking magazines for a total of 93 editions from mid-July until October.


Agency: Lorenzo Marini Group

Creative Art Director: Lorenzo Marini

Copywriting: Nicoletta Cocchi

Art Director: Giorgia Galli

Account Supervisor: Irene Taburni

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Join us at our Frantoio del Poggiolo 31st Oct - 1st Nov to taste the "new oil"!

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