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Monini changes outfit and helps the environment

01 Settembre 2012

Monini changes outfit and helps the environment

From the logo to the bottles, through to the labels: Monini presents the brands complete redesign.

It is with great pride that we present the restyling of the brand and packaging for the range oils with clean graphics, smoother lines and elegant and eco-friendly packaging.

The aim of the redesign, carried out by the Milanese agency FutureBrand, is to modernise, making the elements that have always characterised Monini, for almost 100 years, the undisputed symbol of their craftsmanship that, combined with advanced production technology, guarantee high quality products

The company logo becomes more refined and essential, simplifying details that enhance the cleanliness of the Monini logo and emphasises the introduction of the words "since 1920", that tells the story of our company's long tradition.

Redesigned to make each oil's personality more distinct and recognisable, the new labels have frames in different colours that guide the consumer in the choice of the product, while their form is more sinuous thanks to a more rounded mould. Even stronger evidence is given in the labels reference, Classico, Poggiolo and GranFruttato, to the symbol of craftsmanship "know-how" with the hand the grips the olives that is the backdrop to the words "Extra Virgin Olive Oil".

New style also for the bottles, that will be decorated with a relief decoration depicting an olive branch next to the company name and will have a "eco-sustainable" heart. In fact, we have introduced the use of green glass bottles containing up to 70% recycled glass for Classico and Poggiolo, that will join the brown glass bottles, comprising of up to 80% recycled glass, used for GranFruttato. A pack in glass which, thanks to its characteristic colour is able to more effectively protect the product from light and UV rays.

A precise "eco-friendly" company choice, which is also reflected in the elimination of all PVC capsules used in the lining of the caps that will be replaced by exclusive seals to continue to guarantee, in a sustainable way, the integrity of the package to the consumer. Consumer's that will also be made part of the "ecological path" that we have undertaken through the new collars on the Classico and Poggiolo bottles, that will thus become the "spokesmen" of the company and it actions - introduction of recycled glass, the use of energy from renewable sources, elimination of all PVC and the use of 100% recyclable paper - to protect the environment and its "fruits", such as extra virgin olive oil.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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