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Monini receives EPD certification

03 Febbraio 2013

Monini receives EPD certification

The environmental statement analyses the product's entire life cycle by making public all aspects of an "eco-friendly" company's work.

On 25th January we presented at the Olio Officina Food Festival, the last stage on the path to environmental sustainability: the EPD - Environmental Product Declaration, which makes our company the first, in a long line of big companies, in the sector that boasts this trademark for its products.

A document issued on 18th December, 2012, covering four of the best Extra Virgin olive oils with the Monini trademark: Classico, GranFruttato and Poggiolo, as well as a fourth reference dedicated solely to the foreign market. Excellent products require excellent certification: and in the Extra Virgin olive oil world the need to provide consumers with stringent tools to certify the quality of the whole chain is particularly important. Guarantees that a prestigious certificate like the EPD can significantly strengthen, because more than ever in a sensitive sector, such as olive oil production, declaring ones environmental performance means further attention to quality.

It would be wrong to consider the EPD trademark as only an incentive to increase the sale of our product. Environmental awareness in consumers is certainly growing and there is a need to inform them on every detail regarding their purchase, especially when this is an essential dietary component. The ownership of an Environmental Product Declaration should be primarily recognised as an incentive for us producers. It allows us to compare ourselves in a transparent manner, putting all relevant information on the Web so that it may be used to enable growth in the entire sector. Not to mention that the saving is not only in environmental terms: sharing experiences means optimising development economics.

Established in Sweden, but spread throughout the world, the EPD certification has been issued by Swedish Environmental Management Council, which acts as manager of the International EPD® System, the most successful program for the management of Environmental Product Declarations (whose English acronym is exactly EPD) in accordance with the ISO 14025:06 international standard.

Analysts have calculated the environmental performance of the entire life cycle (Life Cycle Assessment, LCA) of our products, taking into account the total consumption of natural resources (water, energy, raw materials) and all emissions into the environment (from CO2 to waste): from crop production to landfill as a result of product packaging. More specifically, the EDP system subjected our four oil products to a "calculation of their environmental performance", that begins right from the production of the fertilisers used for olive tree cultivation. Methods of extraction and use of irrigation water, auxiliary materials used during the olive harvest, fuel and electricity used at the farms and olive transport to the press are all important factors in the calculation. Likewise for the rigorous investigation into processing, transport and packaging.

The calculation of course, also includes waste: from product residue to all the packaging components. For each of these stages a table is completed (and published) with all the environmental impacts associated with the product life cycle - from cradle to grave. It goes so far as to calculate the product's impact on global warming and thinning of the ozone layer. The four Monini Extra Virgin olive oils considered, had to meet the tight constraints required by the Managing body and EPD trademark.

Moreover, the EPD certification is the logical consequence of an eco-friendly policy which makes our company a model for large companies in the sector. The philosophy that guides this important ecological route is not to detract anything from nature, given that nature provides all valuable raw material resources. We put into practice creating for example a photovoltaic system consisting of 851 modules and capable of producing 240,640 kilowatt hours per annum, that, together with the energy from certified renewable sources, provides clean energy to the processing plant.

A further contribution to reducing emissions has been the choice of introducing recycled glass - up to 70% - for the Extra Virgin Classico and Poggiolo bottles, alongside recycled glass up to 80% already used for the Monini GranFruttato bottles. An important change was achieved with the contribution of O-I - Owens Illinois an important global leader in the production of glass packaging. "The use of recycled glass in increasing percentages has numerous environmental benefits such as saving on virgin raw materials, CO2 emission reduction and the reduction of energy consumption. Being recyclable is a pre-requisite of good packaging, the use of a high content of recycled material is a feature of packaging that only really loves nature! "says Guido Robustelli, Country Marketing Manager O-I.

The documents obtained by Monini in relation to the EPD can be downloaded from the column on the right, or directly from the EPD site.


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