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The Gift of oil at Christmas

Olive oil culture
21 Dicembre 2012

The Gift of oil at Christmas

A healthy and genuine Christmas in the name of goodness and excellence


A genuine gift as Extra Virgin olive oil is obtained from the simple pressing of olives. A good gift because as it can only enrich the flavour of every recipe. A useful gift, because it will surely be enjoyed by everyone.

To each his own
A perfect gift which demonstrates that the person we are giving it to is important, and we are concerned about their well-being...and also their palate's pleasure. Therefore, it is important to choose this gift carefully, distinguishing between the different qualities and flavours. For lovers of good food, of definite and intense flavours, Monini's GranFruttato would be ideal, originating from olives that have been harvested slightly earlier than full ripeness, extremely rich in antioxidants that enhance the vitality of perfume and fragrances.

Monini PDO
Per i cultori dei prodotti DOP, si potr√† scegliere tra le pluripremiate DOP Monini: la DOP Val di Mazara, dal sapore intenso e vellutato delle olive siciliane di Biancolilla, Nocellara e Cerasuola. 
For PDO lovers, an award-wining choice of Monini PDO: PDO Val di Mazara, with an intense and velvety flavour of Sicilian olives Biancolilla, Nocellara and Cerasuola. PDO Dauno Gargano with pleasant herbaceous and floral sensations with a clean fresh almond after taste. A unique Extra Virgin, made exclusively with Ogliarola olives, harvested in the Gargano's unmistakable olive groves. Or PDO Umbria could also be chosen, the typical product of Monini's region of origin, Umbrian PDO an exquisite bouquet with woody notes typical of oils from this area.

The most awarded gift
Monini Bios, the ideal Extra Virgin, perfect for those who love a healthy and genuine diet, in the full protection of the environment. It is a highly prized Extra Virgin olive oil that Monini produces with great care. It is 100% Italian. Originating exclusively from land, olive grove cultivation, from the harvesting systems to oil extraction in the press, in accordance with organic agricultural principles and quality excellence. Bios is guaranteed organic from start to finish, from the first to the last drop in the press. A truly unique gift for anyone who really appreciates the taste of an authentic flavour, the value of a product made with passion and a gift from the heart.

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