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Which glass for Monini

Monini e l'Umbria
07 Maggio 2013

Which glass for Monini

An eco-sustainabile, recycled glass bottle. Why?

Monini has chosen the environment. It has always done this due to Monini's love and bond with the land, with its respectful approach to nature, and its production choices. Now, Monini's determination has increased as has the need to act for the planet's good. Therefore, in keeping with Monini's deep-set principles and beliefs, Monini has re-focused its choices, from production to those related to awards and advertising.

The glass bottle is also an ecological choice. People instinctively know this, they love glass. They choose it if they want transparency, purity, hygiene.

However, let's examine the reasons that allow Monini to say with confidence that it is environmentally friendly.

  • Firstly, glass is a natural material and non-toxic, 100% pure. It is made from three simple elements: silica sand, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate. These substances make the glass infinitely recyclable, always as pure as the first time.
  • It's healthy: it is the only packaging that does not need additional layers or additives to package food and drink in safety, but it provides a protective shield against natural bacteria or chemical contamination.
  • It is odourless: it does not interfere with the fragrance. It is tasteless: it does not interfere with the taste. Therefore it preserves the flavour, freshness and aroma of food and drink like no other material can do.
  • "Olives have very subtle flavours," says Zefferino Monini. "We ensure the utmost care to capture the balance and intensity of those flavours." Glass preserves them and shows them as they really are, or rather it helps to reveal the delicate nuances and features that each oil possesses.
  • It is sustainable: one of the few packaging materials that can be 100% recycled and infinitely. Its constant purity allows new glass bottles to be often made of old glass bottles. And producing "new" recycled glass requires 40% less energy than creating glass from raw materials. Monini's bottles are made from up to 70% recycled material.

A chioce helmed from the profound respect and sense of responsibility Monini has always had for the environment, nature and its precious fruits.

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