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Soft Hands

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02 Dicembre 2014

Soft Hands

Soft, smooth, bright. What do you need to keep them like that?

Hands are important. They say a lot about us.
With our hands we do all sorts of things, touch and learn about objects, caress our loved ones... they are our contact with the world. And when, in winter, the world gets colder and “hostile”, our hands feel the effects: they become dry, red, chapped and sometimes even painful. Skin has an irregular texture to the touch, it is dull, greyish and even something as simple as shaking hands or a caress is no longer the same, it feels rough or even unpleasant. Soft hands that are well-looked after are instead pleasant to touch and look at... they are reassuring for others and for ourselves.

So we need to take care of them. But how? First of all by using gentle products to cleanse with, as washing hands with aggressive products is one of the main causes of cracks, redness and premature ageing. And then by moisturising well to re-balance the "hydrolipidic film", the natural protective layer of the epidermis, altered by exposure to wind, cold, excessively frequent washing or unsuitable cosmetic treatments.

So basically just wash your hands, dry them well and apply a good lotion on a daily basis. Simple and obvious gestures, though they require attention in the choice of products. Soap must not have a basic pH value, as it would affect the lipid coat that in nature protects the epidermis.
A good hand cream needs to be full of nourishing oils, but not greasy to avoid leaving that unpleasant feeling of greasy hands after application. The formula must have a good balance in terms of oil and water to ensure soft hands and avoid any greasy sensations.

A natural approach and care for your skin, a product that is pleasant to use with effective ingredients.
These are the criteria to follow when creating and choosing products. And that's what we have done at Monini: we knew we had a precious treasure in our extra virgin olive oil and we decided to develop a line of cosmetics that would consider the skin's structure and gently protect it.

Monini's Extra V liquid soap has an acid pH value, “isoepidermal”, which is the same as our skin's natural pH. And, like our soap, Monini's Extra V hand cream was also formulated with BIOS extra virgin oil, chosen for its sebum-similar characteristics, which are not unlike the composition of the epidermis. This makes it perfect for use in skincare and beauty products.

Indeed, this is an oil that contains triglycerides and unsaponifiables, excellent ingredients to maintain or restore the hydro acid lipid layer and ensure softness, elasticity, firmness and radiance. The high quality of this oil and the correct oil-water ratio in the composition of the lotion ensure the right nourishment along with a pleasant sensation of sweetness, smoothness whilst avoiding that “greasy” sensation.

The formula is finished with organic extracts (derived from plants grown according to or-ganic farming standards) that help soothe dryness, redness and cracking. Aloe, Hamamelis and Chamomile are incredibly rich in mucilage and flavonoids and are combined to enhance the moisturising, emollient, soothing and refreshing action.

This is why this easy-to-apply soft lotion is ideal for the daily care of your hands: it hy-drates and nourishes, evens out your complexion, adds radiance and also protects nails from dryness and cracking. It can also be used as a mask: apply a generous dose and leave on for 5-10 minutes, gently massaging to allow the skin to absorb the lotion.

Should you have very red and chapped hands, you will need to use a nourishing repair cream such as V Skinfood Extra: with its high percentage of Monini oils and waterproof qualities, it can regenerate the skin's top layer and protect it from both strong detergents and atmospheric conditions.

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