The Quality Laboratory

The cultivation
Each cultivar or variety of olive, such as leccino, moraiolo, frantoio, has its own characteristics: due to the climate, soil or season, every year the production of each variety of olive may vary in terms of yield and quality, pungency and taste intensity.
To give balance to the fragrance of extra virgin oil, to obtain that complexity that gives it that noble taste, from time to time, "the right cultivars" have to be carefully chosen. The ideal blend is achieved only with a recipe that mixes wisdom with the best production of oils for that particular year.

The process
Good olives are the sole ingredient for quality, passion and continuous research are fundamental. 
At the Frantoio del Poggiolo we deal with niche super-processing and to do this, in addition to the original product, it is also important to know the correct procedures: the ways and periods of harvesting, the duration, types and places of storage, all have a direct effect on the taste of the finished product.
Furthermore, during processing, depending on the type of olive, cultivars and also the climate, action is taken in different ways on when and how much water to provide.
It is essential, however,  to have a good machine for pressing and the Poggiolo press is of the highest quality, a machine that represents the very best available on the market.