Olive Oil


A mixture of corrected olive oil, obtained according to the most advanced refining techniques, with good quality extra virgin oil from good quality olives. Olive oil has, in comparison to the majority of seed oils, a better resistance to frying, in fact the smoke point (at which oil begins to degrade producing smoke and harmful substances) is higher, allowing frying to occur at elevated temperatures, the result being a crispy fry, which is tasty and light.

Serving suggestions

The particularly delicate flavour of Anfora olive oil does not change, even the most delicate taste of food, neither in frying nor other cooking.


Oil that is in a bottle and appears solid (frozen) is it...

No. The appearance of solid lumps (like rice kernels and with a clear colour) indicate that the oil has been stored at low temperatures and has frozen. This does not alter the quality at all. In fact it is a guarantee of...

How is Extra virgin olive oil best stored?

As stated on the label, oil, any type of oil needs to be stored away from the light, preferably in the dark, in a cool area and must be "well sealed".

What is P.D.O. oil ?

A P.D.O. oil (Protected Designation of Origin) is oil produced in an area of limited and homogeneous production. The production area, the varieties of olives used, the method of producing them, the conditions of oil extraction...

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