Origins of the Olive Oil

The origin of the olive tree is lost in the mists of time and history and is intimately linked to the history of civilisation,
especially those that occurred in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

 The Phoenicians    
The plant's area of origin most likely extended from south of the Caucasus to the Iranian highlands and along the Mediterranean coast of Syria and Palestine.
Hence the olive spread in Anatolia and Egypt across the islands of Cyprus and Crete.
From the sixteenth century B.C. the Phoenicians spread the olive tree in the Hellenic peninsula.
    The Hellenic civilisation
    From Greece, starting in the sixth century B.C. the olive tree extends to the whole of the Mediterranean basin, from the shores of Africa, to the Italian ones, from southern France, to the Iberian Peninsula
Magna Graecia    
The colonisation of Magna Graecia
(Seventh century B.C.) and the Roman Empire spread olive cultivation in all Mediterranean countries.