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Norcia black truffles, an Umbrian pearl

Tastes from Umbria
05 Novembre 2012

Norcia black truffles, an Umbrian pearl

Intense aroma and delicate taste: is the truffle, a gentleman in Umbrian cuisine.

Black with external nuances of a rust colour and an intense perfume, which is strongly aromatic. This is the black truffle of Norcia.
From December to March on the Mountains of the Valnerina and on the Martani hills, on the slopes of Subasio, in the oak and hazel and home wood forests where the grass is sparse "truffle hunters" search for this delicacy.
Among this precious ground fruit and "its" home tree, there is a real symbiosis, thus depending on the type of tree the colours, taste and aroma of the truffle may vary.
Truffles found near oak trees have a fuller scent, those near lime trees are lighter and more aromatic. The shape, on the other hand, is dependent on the ground: if the ground is soft, the truffle will be smoother and rounder, if the ground is compact it will produce a more knobby and irregular truffle.
In Umbria and in particular in the Spoleto area, it has always been used in great simplicity in a thousand recipes, almost casually.



This authentic cuisine, simple and always highly attuned to the season makes extensive use of the truffle, without fanfare, without any complacency in often simple and ancient recipes.

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