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February in Umbria

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01 Febbraio 2013

February in Umbria

Events and appetising festivals


In every Umbrian town on Sunday, floats will parade through the streets and there will be the opportunity to taste typical sweets, a tradition of the craziest festival of the year. It would be impossible to mention them all. But here are some of the more tempting ones.


The city's 185th festival. Starting from the first Sunday in February folkloric floats parade accompanied by music. But the highlight is certainly Saturday, February 9th with the masked ball at the Albornoz Palace Hotel with dinner and live music. Then Sunday February 10th, the second largest parade of floats that parade through Viale Trento and Trieste, they will then parade through Viale Marconi, Via della Repubblica to the civic centre of Quartiere S. Nicolò accompanied by the band and the majorettes of Castel Ritaldi. Of course along the way sweets and goodies for everyone. For more information: facebook.com/ComunediSpoleto; twitter.com/ComunediSpoleto


the Children's Carnival, the floats are inspired by cartoons: "The Smurfs" and "Alvin Super Star", "The Banana Republic." Of course, in addition to the "Apple Caterpillar ", "the coach", the small "train", the merry go round of "swirling cups " and "sleigh", that is, the classic floats of Acquasparta, where children can run up and down and through the city streets. For adults, however, the pleasure of good food every night at the Taverna del Carnevale where traditional typical local dishes and sweets can be tried.


The Carnivale delle Meraviglie, a carnival for everyone, adults and children. Sunday, February 10th for the craziest party of the year, there will be floats parading through the streets of the historic centre. Each float will be led by an orchestra and masked groups, but there will also be workshops for paper mask making and other recycled materials, make-up artists and games of skill. For more information: 3423771369 associazioneassicity@gmail.com

Città di Castello

Sunday, February 10th, cakes, confetti, music, desserts, entertainment assured for everyone, young and old in Piazza Matteotti. Also on Sunday, children between 5 and 10 years of age are invited to enter the "Museo in maschera" for a carnival of games, discoveries and lots of fun inside the Pinacoteca (gallery). Fantastic masks represented in the frescoes and the façade of the Palazzo will become the main characters of magical stories and fun activities for all participants. For more information: 075 8554202 or cultura@ilpoliedro.org


The Carnivale a Gherlinda, in the name of the classic tradition with masks, games, entertainment and "strufoli" (traditional carnival sweets) tasting for everyone. But let's not forget the Carnevale Contadino, which will take place on Sunday 10th in the afternoon, at Castelvieto Corciano, in via F.lli Cairoli. Along the parade route and in the square at the end of the parade, areas for tasting local carnival delicacies and sweets.




Sunday, February 10th, the Children's Carnival of Gubbio returns this year. It is organised by the Youth Centre and will be attended by individuals in masks, masked groups, floats and bands. There is an enjoyable little Trenino delle Maschere (train of masks) and the 15th edition of the Trofeo Mascherissima (mask competition).


Sunday 10th, the Carnivale di San Sisto, holds the traditional parade floats with distribution of sweets. The dance show by the Scuola di ballo (dance school) Free Dance Perugia will end at the Pasticceria Fiorucci with great refreshments for all. But, to the delight of the children, sweets will also be distributed on Tuesday after a cheerful afternoon of games with Group Dances and make-up artists. Also in Perugia, for two days on Saturday 9th and Tuesday 12th February, the restaurant Alcatraz becomes Mc Alcatraz, organic fast food! Why at Carnivale? Because anything goes and then a Slow Food restaurant disguises itself as a Mc, but with the organic hand-made burger rolls and the meat is Chianina (a type of beef) raised naturally and melted pecorino sardo (cheese from Sardinia)... A complete and typical menu from Mc, but well done and with quality ingredients. Fried with Extra Virgin olive oil, organic potatoes ... a feast for the palate, that the whole family will love. (reservations recommended) For more information 075 9229938


Carnevale at CAOS On Sunday afternoon, at the Arealab del CAOS-Centro Arti Opificio Siri (Viale Campofregoso), an event not to be missed for children and families with games, prizes, a parade of masks and lots of sweets!



Definitely an alternative way to celebrate Carnivale. Perfect for lovers of nature and winter sports: Saturday, February 9th, a Ciaspolata (excursion) to Monti del Sole on the Sibillini. Snowshoes, poles, boots, head torches. Organised by the Gruppo Azimut, the walk starts from the lodge "La Genziana" Forca Canapine in the mid-afternoon (or from Perugia at 2.15pm - from outside the Bastia Umbra stadium). An "exertion of energy" in mountain snow compensated by dinner at the lodge all together. The fireplace will be lit, fun and a great menu: loads of typical local appetisers, polenta with sausages and ribs with sauce, red wine, frappe, strufoli, (Umbrian traditional carnival sweets) and confetti. Anyone who wants to, can spend the night at the shelter, in a bed with a sleeping bag. For more information: Annalisa Spoletini mob. 334 1830878 For overnight stay: Mr. Gianni 335 6053427 337 644511



From the 9th to 14th February, the feast of San Valentino, Terni becomes the city of chocolate and lovers, with the event with a playful name Cioccolentino. It will be a "slap-event": a sweet display of cakes of enormous size will lead us to know the appetising history of patisserie in Terni. Romantic dinner with a menu full of chocolate, blind tasting, cosmetic sessions with treatments at Chocofarm, customised cakes, Chocobingo, School of patisserie for adults and children, the Concorso Internazionale San Valentino 2013 (International St. Valentine's Day 2013 Competition), which rewards creativity in patisserie art and a thousand other initiatives, large and small, all inspired by the wonderful combination of love and chocolate. Among the stands, fruit sculptures, the Globe of Love, the laboratory at the Universita dei Sapori (University of flavours)... The little ones will have preferential treatment, for them there will be games and teaching laboratories in which to indulge in kneading, baking and flouring as real "green" pastry chefs. And then ... Chocomagia and the theatrical event with a magic mascot that will guide the children in the "fantastico show di Tortino". For more information: www.cioccolentino.com



A promise to the world

San Valentino was bishop and patron saint of Terni. Nothing strange, then, if the festival is heart felt. Even before the fateful day, here, on the 10th February, in front of the Basilica dedicated to the Saint, 250 couples of almost newly-weds renew their promise of love. They are engaged Italians, but they are also mixed couples, they come from Catania, Bari, Foggia, Rome, Chieti, Italy, Benevento, Forlì, Foggia, Trieste, Ferrara, Ancona, from Cupra Marittima a group of ten couples and about 100 from the province of Terni and they are all couples that during this year will utter the fateful words I DO. It will be an emotional, intense and involving event. And then, a cheerful festival: dinner with local product tasting, animated by music.

San Valentino al Bacio

For those who love sweets and have a sweet tooth, an extraordinary opening of the Casa del Cioccolato della Perugina (Perugina House of Chocolate), (Viale San Sisto, 207/C 06132 Perugia). On 14th February, the house will be open with activities and special events. First, the master chocolatier and calligrapher will be present all day to make chocolates and scrolls customised for that special person in your life. And then you will learn a lot of gourmet tips. The afternoon begins with the Scuola del Cioccolato: 3 hours, from 4pm to 7pm, to discover the original recipe of the legendary Bacio chocolate, participants will be able to personalise a dedication in the Bacio scroll. We continue with the "Bacio" Tour: extraordinary visits to the Baci museum and factory, with sweet tasting. Finally: Cioco-Happy hour, a pleasing aperitif with nice fancy drinks from the cioco-menù and cioco-drink. For more information: http://turismo.comune.perugia.it/



Nero di Norcia 2013, will take place in Norcia from 22nd to 24th February, the 50th edition of the great culinary event dedicated to black truffles and other local products. In more than 200 stands set up in the historical town, all the best agricultural food in the area: cheese, honey, jams, mixed berry products, olive oil, wine, lentils from Castelluccio and, above all, the norcinerie (pork butcher's shops) that form part of the city's ancient tradition. Truffle lovers can enjoy the precious Valnerina tuber in all its forms: on crostini (large croutons), grated over spaghetti or frittate, as an ingredient in salads, fish dishes, lamb meats, and even in desserts. Taking advantage of the many cultural initiatives: from the conference on the protection of truffles and other Valnerina products, to the photographic and painting exhibitions, to the live demonstrations of ancient crafts such as the processing of pork, cheese, wrought iron, weaving etc.. In a kitchen open to the public, under the supervision of top chefs, signature dishes will be prepared in real time made with truffles with unpublished recipes with new and unusual culinary combinations. For more information: www.neronorcia.it

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