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Vitamin E....lixir of youth

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21 Dicembre 2012

Vitamin E....lixir of youth

In Extra Virgin olive oil, antioxidants that stop the ageing process

Among the many merits of Extra Virgin olive oil is also that of being naturally rich in vitamin E. A fat-soluble vitamin also present, but to a lesser extent, in dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and in some cereals, in leafy vegetables, in avocado and kiwi.

What it is used for

Its main function is to protect fats from oxidation, or rather, from the degradation they face due to the presence of oxygen. And it is not redundant to remember that fats are the main constituents of cell membranes and that their oxidation is a major cause of the bodies ageing process.

The daily dietary requirement

The daily dietary requirement of vitamin E is closely related to the contribution of other nutrients, but indicatively, the Italian Institute of Nutrition suggests, for the average Italian population, a daily recommended intake of approximately 8 mg per day. Two tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil consumed raw, provide, on average, more than half of this value. Be careful though, because boiling, frying or baking, causes significant looses in the vitamin content of food!

Where it is found

There are many other foods that contain vitamin E. In general, seeds, some cereals, fruits, vegetable oils with significant variations in quantity and quality (there are several forms of vitamin E: alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherol). Seed oils, for example, are very rich in them, but you have to take into account another important factor: bio-availability.


Excellent protection from oxidation occurs when the ratio between vitamin E and polyunsaturated acids (linoleic acid and linolenic acid) is greater than 0.79. And in many cases this relationship is unfavourable (in seed oils, for example, it varies between 0.3 and 0.50), while Extra Virgin olive oil is 1.87. This means that the vitamin E present in olive oil, is almost all bio-available, or rather it is used by the body to protect the cells from the oxidation process.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: an added plus

The undisputed quality of Extra Virgin olive oil must be added to this as Extra virgin has an added plus: it is rich in another antioxidant family (polyphenols), which further strengthens the antioxidant properties.

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