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April in Umbria

Gourmet agenda
04 Aprile 2013

April in Umbria

Events and appetising festivals


Easter is not over yet ... At Civitella del Lago, the "Ovo Pinto" exhibition began on Easter Day continues from 31 March until 1 May.

The custom of painting eggs with herbal and flower infusions, still a part of many European traditions, dates back to Roman times, but in Civitella del Lago, a village in the Comune of Baschi, between Todi and Orvieto, this rustic art lives on each year with simplicity and finesse.

During the unique and colourful event, professionals and amateurs are invited to express their creativity by colouring and "reinventing" eggs with various techniques, from painting to sculpture. This creates small masterpieces that enrich the collection of a small, quaint and decidedly unique, museum.

For the entire month of April, the town celebrates: the museum will remain open to the public and, on the weekend, as well as the "ovoteca" (egg gallery), you can visit painting and design exhibitions, participate in organised walks amid the scenic trails of the Tiber park, or wander among the decorated streets of this small medieval village, delighting in the flavours and fragrances of the many food stalls offering local specialities.

For more information: 340 8995074 www.ovopinto.it info@ovopinto.it



If we want to teach our children from an early age to know and respect the cycles of nature, how food is produced and how to eat healthily, here is an excellent opportunity. The “officine della Domenica” (Sunday workshops) are educational workshops for children aged between 3 and 11. Organised by POST (Perugia Officine per la Scienza e la Tecnologia - Perugia Workshops for Science and Technology), the museum-workshop in the centre of Perugia, promotes information and education on scientific and technology issues.

On Sundays in April (7-14-21 and 28 April), meetings and workshops are organised for children aged between 3 and 5 (Birba), and for older children, aged between 6 and 11 (Einstein). Here is the workshop schedule and each day will be complemented by a wholesome snack.

  • 7 April. La casa delle coccinelle - the ladybird's house - discover the main features of an insect that is crucial in the fight against the farmer's enemies and together create a "nice house" to accommodate it!
  • 14 April. L’orto nel balcone - the vegetable garden on the balcony - With simple materials we produce a perfect structure to plant and grow our favourite vegetables ... transforming our balcony into a functional vegetable garden!
  • 21 April. L’uovo delle sorprese - egg with surprises - Do you know how to recognise farm animal eggs? A fun game that will help you learn!
  • 28 April. Outing and workshop organised by the Solearia Association at the Doriana educational farm in Bevagna.

For more information and bookings: POST - Piazza del Melo – Perugia - 075 5736501



Sunday, 7 April, once again this year the wonderful initiative that helps us understand and love this area of land that is beautiful and full of nature, history and splendid flavours. Six walks have been scheduled for the area of dell'Arnate in Perugia (three in April and three in May). These walks allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscape and to grasp its beauty, similar to being in an Eco-Museum.

Meeting time is 8:30 am, with trekking gear, trekking boots, a bottle of water, a hat and a backpack. The walk passes through wonderful trails, at the end of each walk, trekkers can enjoy a "traditional dish from this part of Umbria".

Here is the program

  • 7 April: La Camminata di Ripa - Ripa Trek 21 April: La Camminata di Pianello - Pianello Trek
  • 28 April: La Camminata di Lidarno - Lidarno Trek
  • 5 May: La Camminata di Civitella D'Arna - Civitella D'Arna Trek.
  • 19 May: La Camminata di S.Egidio - Saint Egido Trek
  • 26 May: La Camminata di Civitella D'Arna - Civitella D'Arna Trek.

For more information: Lamberto Salvatori 345 5146435 – Claudio Giacometti 333 2289491



A few cocktails and some mojitos to enrich and make the 30 hour basic photography course even more pleasant. The course covers how to juggle lenses, how to focus, angles, timing, lighting and photo post-production techniques.

Ten meetings, ten aperitifs with lessons. Starting Monday 8 April, in Perugia. First meeting is at the Handmade Café, in Via Pontani, 41 and 8pm. At the end of the course the best work will be displayed in an exhibition at the Handmade Café.

For more information: 0753722741 - info@handmadecafe.it - 3357021369 -info@michelecantarelli.com



At Castiglione del Lago, this famous and anticipated event is held for the 47th year. Opening on 10 April, it transforms the city into a veritable garden. Vivid coloured tulips, intense and joyful, flood the streets; a flower, a symbol of spring, chosen to inaugurate a season of rich gastronomic, traditional and sporting events. Starting Wednesday 10 April at 7.30pm with the opening of the taverns, and continues over the following days until 14 April, culminating in a parade of the town's districts. Floats decorated with tulips, games in costume with guests, band performances, folk groups and flag-throwers, the Palio del Tulipano (Tulip Competition) culminate with awards for the best floats, balconies, squares and shop windows all decorated with the much loved Tulip. Closing the festivities, of course, in the Taverns is an appointment not to be missed with Umbrian cuisine, its typical land and lake recipes from this beautiful area.

For more information: www.festadeltulipano.it



With the arrival of spring, Umbria rediscovers its love of nature, organic foods and garden art. "Green" Fairs dedicated to horticulture and gardening, but also organic market.

  • From 13 to 14 April, in Marsciano, the Green Fair - traditions and flavours, in addition to the exhibition of local agricultural products and many varieties of flowers and plants, offering stands with culinary speciality tastings and an area dedicated to organic food, with presentations by manufacturers and visits to businesses. For more information: Uff. Sviluppo Economico – 0758747288
  • On Sunday, 21 April, at S. Mariano di Corciano (Pg), the Girasole in Fiera - the Sunflower Fair is the market held every 3rd Sunday of the month to promote typical local crafts and food. For more information: 39 075 591 4224/8587
  • In Trevi, 28 April, the Farmer's Market in Piazza Mazzini, sells seasonal fruit and vegetables directly from the manufacturer, while on the same day a little farther on, in Piazza Garibaldi, the Flea Market lets you rummage through the wonders of second-hand items, antique dealers and collectors.
  • Again on 28 April, in Perugia, the monthly market exhibition of organic, natural products and eco-friendly crafts will be held at the Logge dei Tiratori. For more information: +39 334 3530222



Over the weekend of 20-21 April in LUGNANO IN TEVERINA (TR), the Agriturismo Trenta Querce together with Orvieto's "Al Saltapicchio" restaurant and l'Officina del Cibo, organise the Un tranquillo week end di cucina - a quiet weekend of cooking with workshops, tastings and tours by enologist Maria Barbara Conti.

For more information Agriturismo Trenta Querce - www.trentaquerce.it



On 23 April it's San Giorgio. In Torgiano, an ancient tradition sees in the propitiatory fires of San Giorgio, an omen for a good harvest. An ancient religious tradition, with pagan origins, which coincides with the ancient rites of spring were residual vine prunings were burnt as an omen for a good harvest. Torgiano, is a wine region par excellence, part of those pagan cults have been transferred to these festivities in honour of the Saint, and on this day the custom of lighting bonfires to wish for a good wine vintage still exists.

After a walk through the vineyards to pick up the bundles of prunings, dinner is served outdoors, a menu of meats, cheeses and local delicacies and at dusk ..... fire and flames. For more information: Tel. 075 988661



In Ficulle 23 to 28 April, a celebration of spring's return with theatre, folk music and lots of tastings of the best food and wine from this beautiful land. However, to really appreciate their flavour, tasting them is not enough; one needs to understand how they are prepared. Thus the rediscovery of the craft involved in the processing, pressing and vinification (wine making): tastings at the workshops are alternated with visits to wine cellars and presses, in the village streets events mingle with the evocation of the Spring Fires of pagan rites.

For more information: www.prolocoficulle.com - Comune di Ficulle Tel. 0763 86031



In Eggi, but also in Pietrafitta, from 25 April to 5 May an event loved by gourmets is renewed. The star of the day is the feast of wild asparagus, which grows spontaneously among the olive trees and the hills surrounding the villages.

At the Enoteca di Pietrafitta (Piegaro), enclosed in the historical atmosphere of the ancient village of this wonderful borough, you can sip fine wines and listen to live music every night. In Eggi (Spoleto), this year the "scuola strangozzi", Spoleto's typical hand-made pasta will be operative; the women of Eggi will provide their expertise and knowledge to anyone who wants to understand the secrets of this small culinary delight typical to their cuisine. Every evening, entertainment and music in the tavern and the menu is all asparagus based: bruschetta with asparagus, white or red asparagus with Strangozzi, cream of asparagus, pork with asparagus sauce. Come and try it.

Per info:www.amicidieggi.it +39 0743 229286



On 27 and 28 April, in Trevi, "Italy's most famous picnic" returns. Two days in the name of taste and nature trekking among the olive trees: art, music, concerts, wine tastings, olive oil, menu at zero km inside the spectacular Umbrian territory. A rare opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this land, to savour the flavours and discover the scents. In short, learning how to "live slow".

Armed with walking sticks and bags participants will be able to walk amongst the beautiful silvery olive trees that surround Trevi, taste fragrant bruschette, tempting cheeses, grilled meat and vegetables accompanied by local DOC and DOCG wines. Anyone who wants to can collect wild aromatic herbs, visit the "Chiusa degli Ulivi", splendid olive grove from the seventeenth-century Villa Fabri or Boemi with a garden overlooking the valley below Trevi.

In addition to good food made from local products, visitors can take part in various events: educational farms, markets selling local produce and guided tours.

For more information: www.picnicatrevi.it



In Norcia, Campi, Preci, Gualdo Tadino and other Umbrian towns, the month of April ends with the feast of Piantamaggio. This is definitely linked to ancient rituals of fertility and the rebirth of the earth in spring. The "May" tree, is generally a poplar, chosen for its height and grandeur, which is cut, stripped of its bark, adorned with a sling and the Italian flag and finally planted in place of the old one in the main square, symbolising the beginning of a new season. After which, the festivities begin in the form of refreshments that involve all the inhabitants and lasts the entire evening. In Gualdo Tadino the festivities are linked to an ancient and legendary event that took place in 1000 A.D., where two pilgrims on their way to Rome passing by, could not find any other shelter for the night except a little bridge on the river bank; that night a torrential rain pelted down and the river overflowed its banks. The following morning, the inhabitants of Gualdo Tadino awoke to find only a green tipped poplar walking stick. Since that day, every year, the Maggio del Pellegrinno (poplar tree) is planted in the main square of the city.

Another rarity: during the cleaning of the tree trunk, the crowd gathers twigs as a purely devotional act, keeping them in the house throughout the year as lucky charms.

For more information: uff. Informazioni di Norcia - (Norcia information office) - +39 0743 8281734 Gualdo Tadino - Associazione Maggiaioli Tel. 075.918136

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