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Monini wins the Key Award

23 Gennaio 2013

Monini wins the Key Award

End of year balance sheet positive for our film, awarded two major awards. The most recent is a first place at the 44th Annual Key Award.

A high quality Extra Virgin olive oil that turns dishes into works of art and a team of exceptional artists, able to translate olive oil secrets that have been guarded by Monini for nearly a hundred years into a stylish TV commercial. These are the "ingredients" that led the Monini 2012 TV campaign, created by the Lorenzo Marini Group and produced by BRW Filmland, on the top step of two aspired for Italian advertising awards.

The success achieved in the category "Film" of the Premio National TP Emanuele Pirella 2012 Award, promoted by the Italian Association of Advertising Professionals, has in fact recently added first place in the category for "Food" Award at the 44th Premio Key Award, established by Gruppo Media Key and devoted to advertising films.

Recognition that for the second time in a few months has confirmed the extraordinary work of master carvers from the Siam Carving Academy in Bangkok, the director of short advertising Yann Malka, the musician and actress Mariella Nava and actress Roberta Pellini, narrator of the spot. These are the names of the artists who, led by Lorenzo Marini's creative team, gave visual form and sound to the passion that has allowed the Monini family to transform the ancient olive oil "know-how" into a real art.

"It has been a very important year for our communication," says Maria Flora Image Management, Communications and External Relations for Monini SpA "We have gone back to addressing the consumer with the new TV campaign, more than anything else, we wanted to simply and directly tell the consumer about our values, experience and passion that are behind the quality of our products. We are excited about the success obtained and above all for these acknowledgements, that reward our intense and enthusiastic work of which we are particularly proud".

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