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Monini, a natural revolution

20 Settembre 2012

Monini, a natural revolution

Monini embraces environmental sustainability: from production with photovoltaic panels and renewable energy introduction of "eco-friendly" packaging

The best testimonial for the environment? A perfectly natural product such as extra virgin olive oil!

At Monini we thought of our oil as the flag for the "ecological path" undertaken by the company. Energy from renewable sources and new packaging, are the basic elements of a simple philosophy: not detracting anything from nature, given that nature provides the valuable raw material resources that for nearly 100 years has made our company famous in the extra virgin olive oil world.

The road to reducing the impact on the environment begins with energy required for processing: we've installed on the roofs of the Spoleto facility, photovoltaic system consisting of 851 modules and capable of producing 240,640 kilowatt hours per annum. Anyone can check in real time the kg of CO2 saved by accessing the control panel that the company eGenera has prepared for us. The remaining energy required is generated 100% from renewable sources and certified by Umbria Energy SpA.

The oil is then bottled and even in this case we have done everything so that the packaging would meet our vision. Thanks to the partnership with O-I, a leading manufacturer of glass containers, we decided to use packaging that respects the environment to hold our extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, in addition to GranFruttato - bottled in up to 80% recycled glass - Classico and Poggiolo will use glass bottles containing up to 70% recycled glass.

The use of bottles with a high content of recycled glass is very important for the environment. It allows a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere at a rate of 5% for every 10% of extra recycled glass used. Moreover, glass is among the most commonly recycled materials in Italy, it can be recycled indefinitely, becoming a glass container every time, preserving its physical and aesthetic characteristics. Its neutrality and its naturalness make it perfect for storing the properties and the flavour of high quality extra virgin olive oil, keeping it identical to how it was "created" by nature.

All these features have pushed Maria Flora and Zefferino Monini to lend their face to the campaign Glass Is Life, sponsored by O-I to promote and enhance the main features of glass (Taste, Health, Sustainability, Quality, Flexibility and Transparency).


A tradition that is renewed: as it was in 1950, when Zefferino the grandfather had the idea to introduce, for the first time on the market the use of glass bottles for the marketing of Extra Virgin olive oil, replacing the demijohns, today Maria Flora and Zefferino, his grandchildren, become the first ambassadors promoting the use of glass bottles that are environmentally friendly.

The new packaging will be easily recognisable by their colour: the higher the percentage of recycled glass, the darker the bottle is, another feature that perfectly meets the needs of oil conservation. The complete redesign of the packaging also saw the phasing out PVC capsules on the bottles caps, replaced with a unique guarantee seal and the use of 100% recyclable paper labels for Classico, Poggiolo and Anfora.

Zefferino Monini explains these new steps "Today many companies are increasingly moving in the direction of eco-sustainability, but Monini, as a result of the type of relationship that it has with the land and nature, has a duty to lead by example. We live in a beautiful area that gives us the wonderful fruit, preserving it for future generations is our best investment so that one can enjoy all those values that have made our tradition great".


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