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Against fatigue and stress

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12 Marzo 2013

Against fatigue and stress

An infusion made from olive leaves to overcome fatigue

Often, when you feel a bit tired, a good massage is a great help.

But it can really become a "cure all", which is totally refreshing if done with olive oil. Try a slow back massage carefully rubbing the spine, vertebra by vertebra. The warmth of hands gliding over the skin with the exertion of light pressure together with the beneficial effects of Extra Virgin olive oil, melt away any tension and tones the muscles.

However, if tiredness is not only "seasonal", but due to physical or psychological stress, or the menopause, then try an infusion made from olive leaves. Boil a handful of leaves in a litre of water and allow the liquid to reduce by about a third. Pour it into a jug and drink it several times during the day. Try it: a simple remedy that assures relief.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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