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A Glamorous skin

Salute e benessere
29 Gennaio 2015

A Glamorous skin

Balance and nourishment on a daily basis

Our skin is much more than a shell that covers us. It is a delicate and complex organ that tells others a lot about us and communicates with our whole body through a complicated and very delicate network of functions. It protects us, regulates temperature, absorbs oxygen from the external environment, breathes and transpires. It is resistant, protective and supple... It regenerates itself but it relies on a delicate balance that can be easily altered, thus causing damage! To keep it "efficient", we need to take good care of it. Every day. Protecting it with care.

Because taking care of our skin is not just an aesthetic matter! In this case too, beauty and health go hand in hand: when skin is beautiful, soft, supple and radiant, it means that it is also healthy. And, to take care of it, first of all we need to know it well. Only in this way will we be able to protect it gently, without the risk of ruining it.

We know that skin secretes sebum and sweat, thus forming a thin film on its surface, a hydro-lipid layer with several functions: it protects against atmospheric conditions or strong chemicals, such as detergents, inks or solvents, ensuring that the outermost layer of the epidermis can retain its elasticity, and it checks water loss, thus playing a key role, i.e. hydration and thermoregulation. Thanks to its acid pH, it is also a means of defence against the colonisation of germs and bacteria.

But it takes little to impoverish it: the hot and dry air of home heating, rubbing against synthetic fabrics, the use of unsuitable detergents that dry up the skin or inadequate cosmetics can ruin the delicate balance in the composition of this thin protective layer. Instead, it is crucial to maintain its integrity with treatments that respect its composition.

Extra Virgin olive oil has "sebum-like" features, that is, very similar to those of the epidermis. This makes it an exceptional ingredient for the formulation of beauty products that respect the nature of our skin.
A true gift of nature. In fact, it has been used since ancient times not only as food but also as an ointment, liniment, cream and lotion.
At Monini, we knew we had a precious treasure and this is why we decided to develop a line of cosmetics that respects the composition of our skin and protects it gently.

The basic ingredient of the Monini body cream is Extra Virgin olive oil, with a composition that is so similar to our skin that, if necessary, it can nourish, keep healthy or reconstruct the thin hydro acid lipid layer that is so important for its health, ensuring softness, elasticity, firmness and radiance.
It is also rich in carotenoids and Vitamin E, which are powerful natural antioxidants that protect cells against ageing and can help prevent the formation of stretch marks, control the production of melanin and prevent age spots.

But it's not enough. To complete the formula of our body cream, we have used organic extracts (derived from plants grown according to organic farming standards) that help nourish our skin, making it more elastic, toned, radiant and smooth.
Echinacea and horsetail, which are elasticising and firming; red vine, which pro-tects vessels; capsicum, which is revitalising; and basil, which carries out a ton-ing and stimulant effect that helps to firm and tone the skin.

In short, a totally natural formula for a cream that respects the skin and is deli-cate but with a deep action, as well as pleasant to use and of proven efficiency. Using it every day means paying special attention to the well-being of our body. An act of self-care by using cosmetics that speak the same language as our skin.

All the products of the Extra V Monini line are sold exclusively online on the website: www.moninistore.com .
Payment with cash on delivery or by PostePay, credit card or BancoPosta.

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