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June in Umbria

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29 Maggio 2015

June in Umbria

Events and festivals

In June, nature bursts into a blaze of flowers and sweet smells. In Umbria, it's not just meadows and mountains that take on early summer colours, towns seem to blossom as well. And flowers have many meanings, interpretations and different traditions.

Umbria's 'infiorate' (floral arrangements made along the roads of the town) are one of the most fascinating and common traditions in the region. For instance, in Spello, on the night between the 6th and 7th June for the Corpus Domini, people work all night to make more than 60 carpets and floral paintings along the roads of the old town. On Sunday morning, the Body of Christ will pass over them, held up by the bishop during the procession. Wonderful, huge painstaking work that disappears in a second, with someone passing over them or a gust of wind and yet a supreme and moving tribute to eternal beauty.
For more information: http://infioratespello.it

The Festa della Rosa in Cascia is, instead, devoted to Santa Rita. Roses are the symbol of the saint and Roccaporena, a small village near Cascia, is her hometown. The festival held on 20th and 21st June is dedicated to all women called Rita. They will be given a rose and a parchment as a remembrance of a day of deep meditation. In the evening, spectacular fireworks over the two sides of the valley will criss-cross right above the “rock of prayer”, a unique rock standing high above the village.
For more information: 0743 754500 - info@roccaporena.com

In Castelnuovo d’Assisi the last two weekends of the month will be devoted to the festa della lavanda. On 20th/21st and 27th/28th at the “Lavandeto di Assisi”, as well as enjoying the intense smell of lavender, you can enjoy courses, guided tours and wander around the exhibition and market with the sweetest smell in Italy.
Info: lavandetodassisi.com

In Umbertide, every Saturday in June is dedicated to exploring the local area, its cultural heritage and its plentiful tradition of typical products. You will be able to explore the gems of a perhaps little known but yet definitely interesting land through walks and wine. There is an extensive variety of events: conferences, walks in the old town and film screenings to learn more about Umbertide and its environs, the area's artistic and cultural heritage, the archaeological excavations of Torre Certalda, the works of Signorelli... and also the delicious tastings of Slow Food and aperitifs with local products.
For more information: www.comune.umbertide.pg.it

In June 2015 Amelia celebrates the 10th anniversary of this great event dedicated to quality wine-growing and wine-making. A week, from 8th to 14th June, to learn about and enjoy the wines from the Amerini hills and the whole of southern Umbria.
Theme-based talks, tastings, wine tours, cooking shows and workshops will be organised in partnership with Slow Food Umbria and the Slowine network.
On 11th June, the Sala Bocca will host an event with traditional recipes, tastings and the Coffee Killers: "Just over an hour of sonnets (of recipes) and great American music On 12th June, Palazzo Farrattini will host “Le erbe spontanee incontrano l’Alta Cucina” (“Wild herbs meet gourmet cooking") a refined and spectacular gastronomic journey with a chef. On 13th June, there will be a wine tour and on 14th the great finale with local wineries and tastings of local products, the food workshops held by Slow Food Umbria. Info: www.ameliadoc.it

In Acquasparta, instead of the Middle Ages, the focus will be 17th century ostentation with a wonderful parade of period costumes starting with the Court of Duke Federico Cesi and his consort Artemisia Colonna. From 10th to 21st June, for 10 days the town's three sections, marked by different coloured flags colours, compete in four competitions, the "Piatto rinascimentale", the "Teatro di Contrada", the "Giostra della Lince", a jousting tournament, and the "Grande Gioco dell’Oca", a re-enactment of the popular Italian board game “Il Gioco dell’Oca”. The culinary competition between the sections' taverns involves typical local dishes as well as Renaissance recipes, a challenge to those who can best bring back the flavours of a distant past. However, it is also an evening with great entertainment thanks to the actors who stage a real Renaissance dinner scene with performances by jesters, flag-wavers and drummers. Finally, from 19th to 21st June, “Vino a Palazzo” will be held in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Cesi with a tasting guiding you through wines from the best wineries in Umbria.
Info: www.ilrinascimentoadacquasparta.it

The “only Italian festival with a burning heart” is back in Perugia for the third time. From 12th to 21st June, the common area in Pian di Massiano – the ideal destination for sports enthusiasts and families – will host the event created to celebrate the ritual of cooking on the grill. Cooking shows, workshops, guided tastings, concerts, games and sports, but above all 10 days to fully immerse and explore all the secrets to cooking food perfectly: from buying the meat to techniques to prepare it, recipes, history, images and "legends" of best-loved ritual in the US... and not just by Americans.
Info: www.piacerebarbecue.it

Fior di Cacio
The must-see cheese festival is once again going to be held on 13th and 14th June in Vallo del Nera.
The local cheese is mostly made with raw unpasteurised milk and has a distinct flavour due to the wide variety of herbs, shrubs and buds available to the animals that graze outdoors. Transhumant and sedentary flocks have been in this area of southern Umbria for centuries, so it only makes sense to have a great dairy tradition here.
During the two-day event, a journey consisting of various steps will lead us through the most picturesque of views in the old town of the beautiful Umbrian village, leaving us to slowly enjoy the tastings to discover other typical local flavours, along with its unique cheeses: truffles, sausages, ham, saffron, spelt, honey, jam, wine, etc.
The tools of cheese makers used during each stage of the cheese-making process will be on display inside the wineries – a process essentially unchanged since the Middle Ages. And for those willing, you can walk along the transhumance route of Meggiano, take a tour of the fine frescoes preserved in the Romanesque churches, ride on the back of a donkey or go on a rejuvenating hiking tour along mountain trails.
Info: Municipality of Vallo Di Nera +39 0743 616143

Umbria, Italy's green heart. The green heart of Expo.
During the six months of Expo 2015, Umbria presents itself as a place where you can experience slow-living: a well-balanced combination of age-old traditions and innovation, with sustainable and responsible production and consumption. It will be in Milan, in the area devoted to Italy, in the wine and chocolate hall and in Cascina Trivulza with a large project on vegetable gardens, and in the city centre with a temporary restaurant.
However, the region is best introduced on its own turf. "Sulle strade di Benedetto e Francesco. Da Norcia ad Assisi" will be the first in a series of opportunities to learn about the region, its history, its manufacturing expertise and its spirituality through six events, from 15th to 20th June . They will lead participants along the paths of an untouched land, dotted with churches, monasteries, retreats and old town centres that blend in perfectly with the natural landscape. A unique scenery you should enjoy slowly to fully immerse yourself in its peaceful, natural backdrop.
Info: www.vallediassisi.com

The fascinating event that portrays, with amazing accuracy, daily life in the Middle Ages will be held once again in Bevagna. From 18th to 28th June, for 10 days the magic is back again this year. All the inhabitants of the four 'gaite' (the sections of the old village) will take part in accurate and documented representation of the workshops, arts and trades, gastronomy and fashion of a bygone time that is brought back to life, intact, every year. For ten days they will reopen inns, taverns and craft workshops. People in period costumes, jugglers, fire eaters, wandering clerical figures and musicians, along with minstrels and falconers will meet along the streets. The town will come to life with touring shows and costume parades while drummers and flag-wavers will announce the imminent opening of the games in the streets. Not to be missed.
Info: www.ilmercatodellegaite.it

The festival of San Giovanni in Grello, a small town near Gualdo Tadino is very picturesque, with its old castle of which only the walls remain today. On 23rd June in the evening before the festival of San Giovanni, the tradition of an old local festival is re-enacted, an event where ritual aspects are combined with old agricultural and fertility traditions: the spectacular 'Festa del fuoco'.
The competitors from the town's three sections, dressed as 13th century peasants, parade through the village carrying a large lit torch on their shoulders. Then, after the distribution of the blessed heavy dew (guazza) water scented with flower petals, stonecrop, petals of Spanish broom and daisies and after offering the bread (panetti) of San Giovanni, they compete by running around the castle, pulling rudimentary farm carts (tregge) with burning straw and wood. Info: http://turismo.tadino.it - Pro Loco Grello - tel. 075-9148287

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