Olives and Almonds Cream

spreadable Aperitiny


Olive and almonds: a perfect combination. An excellent sauce to be eaten on its own or in a wide variety of recipes. Try it in vol-au-vent together with a teaspoon of fresh caprino goat's cheese: truly delicious

And for the touch of a true chef: have you ever thought about using this pate-like sauce to stuff mackerel, tie them with some cooking thread and cook them in the oven?  

Ingredients and nutritional Information


green olives (62)%, almonds (amigdalus communis l.) (20,5%), extra virgin olive oil (17,0%), salt, acidity regulator: E 270 (lactic acid). May contain fragments of olive kernels.

Nutritional values per 100g:

  • Calories 350 kcal (1443 kJ)
  • Protein 4,8g
  • Carbohydrates 1,6g (sugars: 1,4g)
  • Fats 35,1g (saturated fats: 3,2g)
  • Fibers 4,4g
  • Sodium 1,0g

Does the oil colour indicate better or lower quality?...

Extra virgin olive oils are naturally green in colour with yellow reflections that can be more or less intense. The variability of the colour from a deep green to a lighter one in which yellow prevails is no way related to the...

How is Extra virgin olive oil best stored?

As stated on the label, oil, any type of oil needs to be stored away from the light, preferably in the dark, in a cool area and must be "well sealed".

The oil is reddish in colour. What does this mean?

It indicates that the product has deteriorated. This is due to chlorophyll degradation which is naturally present in extra virgin olive oil. The prevalent "reddish" colour is the beta-carotene, found naturally in the oil. This...

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