Unpitted olives

the exclusive taste of P.D.O. olives


The olive that Monini brings to the table is the prestigious Nocellara del Belice variety, guaranteed by P.D.O. certification.   (Protected Designation of Origin) to ensure the highest quality Sicilian production. Rounded and harmonious, with a pronounced aroma of grass flowers, the Nocellara del Belice olive encloses within a fragrant and crisp pulp.

Serving suggestions

Its unique and unmistakable flavour is suitable to be enjoyed in cocktails, appetizers and sandwiches, seasoned and crushed for creative combinations, but also as an excellent seasoning for pasta and fresh salads.


Is "first pressed" oil the best?

Today, all oils undergo a "first and only" pressing. Many years ago, however, the olives did undergo a first, softer pressing, followed by a second one. But for decades, all the olives undergo a single pressing or extraction...

The internal glass seems to be clouded: why?

The glass used for bottling is completely clean, as it comes directly from the glass manufacturer perfectly packaged and is not re-used. However, over time the glass can release saline substances (which are absolutely harmless...

Is Extra virgin olive oil difficult to digest?

Oleic acid is abundant and characteristic of olive oils. It stimulates the contraction of the gallbladder, promoting the release of bile juices (and therefore rapid digestion), and in doing so also limits the formation of...

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