P.D.O. Umbria

Umbrian P.D.O. Oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively from olives harvested and pressed in Umbria, the prevailing varieties are Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. Its unique characteristics are such to merit the recognition of the EEC Protected Designation of Origin P.D.O.

Serving suggestions

Its fine bouquet and woody notes of typical Umbrian oils make it suitable for use as a condiment, especially on game, grilled meats and in legume soups.


What are "polyphenols"?

They are antioxidants typical of olives at the right stage of ripeness which, like vitamin E, bestow stability to extra virgin olive oil. They have a bitter and pungent taste which characterises the elevated quality of the...

What does the term "cultivar" mean?

"CULTIvated VARiety" - it is a term that defines the variety (form) of an olive tree of the Olea Europea species. Italy is particularly rich in different cultivars, spread across olive growing regions, that contribute to...

What is a "Panel Test"?

It is an olfactory and taste assessment of the product which is performed by a group of at least 8 professional tasters who, during oil tasting, store information such as intensity of the positive attributes that are desirable...

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