P.D.O. Val di Mazara

Extra Virgin Olive oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively from olives harvested and pressed in Sicily, its area of origin. Prevalent varieties include Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola. Its unique characteristics are such to merit the recognition of the EEC Protected Designation of Origin P.D.O.

Serving suggestions

The intense velvety scent, with notes of green tomatoes, make this oil particularly suitable to dress (in its raw state) fish and vegetable side dishes.


The oil is reddish in colour. What does this mean?

It indicates that the product has deteriorated. This is due to chlorophyll degradation which is naturally present in extra virgin olive oil. The prevalent "reddish" colour is the beta-carotene, found naturally in the oil. This...

How are olives harvested?

Manually or better, with the assistance of tools that facilitate harvesting (such as a type of vibrating rake), or better yet using machines that act as shakers, shaking the trunk or main branches, to make the olives fall onto...

What determines the quality of an oil?

The quality of the oil is determined by a set of factors that throughout the process, from the selection of the olives at the right stage of ripeness, the type of extraction to the method of oil storage, all contribute to oil...

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