Il Monello

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


A “Novello” (from the new harvesting season) Extra Virgin olive oil is produced from the first olives harvested early in the season when the taste is fruity and peppery. Most often this oil comes from south of Italy where olives are harvested as early as October.

A real Novello Extra Virgin olive oil is usually unfiltered, and  Monini “il Monello” , a seasonal product, has a distinct taste of green tomato with a fresh grassy fragrance.

Serving suggestions

  • 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil
  • Fresh from yearly new harvest
  • Pungent taste
  • Unfiltered
  • Ideal on seasonal soups

The oil has a rancid taste. What causes this?

Usually the rancid taste (resembling the taste of bad pork fat), is accompanied by reddish-orange tones in the colour of the oil. The appearance of such tones is a result of product storage: contact with direct sun light, even...

What does "cold-pressed" or "cold extraction" mean? Is...

The terms "cold-pressed", "cold extraction" and similar expressions, mean that, during the extraction process, the temperature does not exceed 27°C. This generally occurs everywhere, except in rare cases where pressing occurs...

How are olives harvested?

Manually or better, with the assistance of tools that facilitate harvesting (such as a type of vibrating rake), or better yet using machines that act as shakers, shaking the trunk or main branches, to make the olives fall onto...

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