Functional Oil



Monini Dressing with extra virgin olive oil (75%), canola oil and flax oil is a Omega 3-6-9 perfect balanced condiment.
The taste and flavour of an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the balanced amount of flax and canola oil.
The result is a dressing rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids with a perfect ratio between Omega 6 / Omega 3 for an healthy diet.

This oil is 100% organic, cold pressed and natural.

Serving suggestions

This product is perfect for salad dressing, pasta sauces, meat, fish and vegetable seasoning.


What is P.D.O. oil ?

A P.D.O. oil (Protected Designation of Origin) is oil produced in an area of limited and homogeneous production. The production area, the varieties of olives used, the method of producing them, the conditions of oil extraction...

The oil has sediment at the bottom. What causes this?...

In some cases, oil which is bottled "unfiltered" with temperature range changes during storage, sediment tends to settle in the bottle. The oil does not have any defects. It is important to know, however, that an unfiltered...

The oil is reddish in colour. What does this mean?

It indicates that the product has deteriorated. This is due to chlorophyll degradation which is naturally present in extra virgin olive oil. The prevalent "reddish" colour is the beta-carotene, found naturally in the oil. This...

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