Mild & Light

Olive Oil


Mild & Light Olive Oil is a blend of refined Olive Oil obtained through the most advanced refining process and a small quantity of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has a very gentle and mild taste and a pale yellow colour which make it perfect for light taste cooking and golden crispy deep frying. Olive Oil is the most resistant oil for frying at high temperatures compared to the majority of seed oils. In fact, the temperature at which this oil begins to deteriorate and release harmful substances is higher and this allow frying at high temperatures leaving food crispy, light and tasty.

Serving suggestions

In a healthier diet it is ideal for all sorts of savoury and sweet recipes.


What is the smoking point?

It is the temperature at which the oil begins to smoke. This value depends on the oil's degree of acidity. All seed oils, but also olive oil (not extra virgin!) during refining are neutralised and have an acidity value of...

Which oil is more appropriate for frying?

Frying is a process which is carried out at significantly higher temperatures than other cooking methods. The ideal temperature to obtain a crispy dry fry is approximately 180°C; the high temperature enables the formation of...

What is acidity? What does it indicate?

Acidity refers to the percentage of free fats present in the oil and indicate either greater or lesser degradation of the olive from which it is obtained. In general, the lower the acidity, the better the condition the olives...

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