Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

for the finest dishes


Monini glaze is a creamy, smooth sauce that incorporates all the tradition and the typical taste of IGP balsamic vinegar from Modena Easy to use, and gives a touch of originality and elegance to sweet or savoury recipes.

Serving suggestions

Extremely versatile! It can be used to dress a simple salad, to add more flavour to a tasty second course of meat or fish, to add extra flavour to fried potato chips or to enrich a tasty fruit salad or dessert.  But the triumph of its use is in the decoration: thanks to the practical packaging, just one simple gesture to complete every recipe with taste and elegance.

Ingredients are exclusively balsamic vinegar, grape juice and cornstarch. It is not, by any means, complicated. It does not contain gluten nor GMOs and its production process ensures the continuity of taste over time and the stability of the product


How is Extra virgin olive oil best stored?

As stated on the label, oil, any type of oil needs to be stored away from the light, preferably in the dark, in a cool area and must be "well sealed".

Oil that is in a bottle and appears solid (frozen) is it...

No. The appearance of solid lumps (like rice kernels and with a clear colour) indicate that the oil has been stored at low temperatures and has frozen. This does not alter the quality at all. In fact it is a guarantee of...

How do you recognise a quality Extra Virgin oil?

An excessively low price should alert the conscious consumer. A quality oil is characterised by the intense taste of olives, together with more or less intense bitter and spicy sensations, that testify to the olive's fresh...

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