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Novello (new) oil

Tastes from Umbria
12 Aprile 2012

Novello (new) oil

The genuine and lively taste of the first oil for the year.

The oil is new and fresh, young and genuine, green, of a more intense colour and a little veiled. A real olive pressing ready by November and with limited production. More precisely it is the first pressing of the first harvested olives. It is produced in the period when the press opens and then it is not filtered or processed. The olives must be harvested at the right time when their colours barely begin to change and their juice is intensely aromatic. Brought immediately to the press and pressed. The juice derived is the very first oil for the year. It is not processed in any way, and is immediately bottled to keep its precious drops and its lively aroma. It is not filtered. Hence, in suspension, it still conserves small particles of olive pulp, giving it a characteristic aspect, veiled, and a green colour that will change very soon acquiring gold reflections.

It's time to celebrate

When the first dense olive juice comes out of the press, it is time to celebrate, one of the oldest traditional festivals in Italy. The intense perfume, rich with aromatic fresh decisive notes, the pungent taste of freshly pressed oil are unique and the fill the autumn air. The ritual tasting begins: a trickle of new oil on toasted bread, a pleasure that no true connoisseur should ever renounce. Because new oil is truly a unique product, to be discovered and enjoyed immediately: it is Extra Virgin that for perfume and aroma has always conquered even the most demanding palates.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Join us at our Frantoio del Poggiolo 31st Oct - 1st Nov to taste the "new oil"!

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