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Salmon en croûte

30 min + cottura




400 g of salmon fillet; the juice of 3 oranges and the grated peel of an orange; 1 shot of vodka; some juniper berries; 100 ml cream; 200 g of unseasoned crab meat; a tablespoon of chopped parsley; 1 pinch of chilli powder; 1 pack of shortcrust pastry; pepper to taste


  1. After having thoroughly cleaned it, marinate the salmon fillet in a saucepan with the vodka, orange juice and juniper berries.
  2. Meanwhile, coarsely chop the crab meat. Brown a clove of garlic in a pan with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. When the garlic turns golden brown, remove it and place the chopped crab meat in the pan. Stir well and let it brown, add salt, then add the chopped parsley, cream and a hint of chilli powder. Turn off the heat and set aside.
  3. Line a plum cake mould with parchment paper. Roll out the shortcrust pastry on parchment paper inside the mould and ensure that it adheres well to the bottom and all four sides. Cut and remove the excess dough. Knead it once more and make a rectangle, which you can then use later to form the seal.
  4. Distribute the mix of crab meat on the bottom and on the sides, levelling it with a spoon. Drain the salmon and place it on top. Cover with the remaining crab meat and finish with the rectangle of shortcrust pastry previously prepared. Seal the edges well by pressing them together, if necessary use a little milk or egg white.
  5. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for about 45 min. When it has cooled, remove it from the mould and place on a serving plate. Glaze with the reduced marinade and decorate with thin slices of orange.

A little extra

For this interesting recipe, we recommend Monini's Val di Mazara DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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