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Vinaigrette and..

40 min


Green asparagus
1 kg
Grated cheese
5-6 tablespoons
Extra Virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons
White flour
2 tablespoons
2 glasses


  • In a bowl, dissolve a pinch of salt in the vinegar.
  • Add the Dijon mustard and, stirring vigorously, add a small amount of Extra Virgin olive oil until the mixture is smooth, homogeneous and fairly liquid. This typical "French dressing" is great for dressing any salad.
  • Replacing the mustard with lemon juice, you will instead have a "citronette", an ideal, delicately flavoured dressing suitable for fish dishes.
  • By removing both the mustard and lemon and replacing them with a handful of basil leaves, another interesting variant is obtained: emulsify all the ingredients with a food processor. A tasty seasoning sauce will be obtained great for green bean and potato salad.

A little extra

For each of these dressing recipes Extra Virgin olive oil provides a special taste and smell. For the classic vinaigrette the sommelier recommends using Monini's GranFruttato, while for the citronette Monini's Bios Extra Virgin olive oil, while the basil sauce will have a very interesting flavour with the fine bouquet of Monini's D.O.P. (P.D.O). Monini Umbria

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