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From the cultivars to our table

Olive oil culture
21 Dicembre 2012

From the cultivars to our table

Cultivar. A strange word, known almost exclusively by the experts. Yet it is so important for those who care about the quality, taste and harmony of flavours that make Italian cuisine the most enviable and highly acclaimed in the world.

An all-Italian condiment
An achievement attained thanks to an excellent culinary tradition, made from genuine food, but also culture of flavours and the search for that subtle but intense pleasure of the palate that only derives from centuries-old knowledge of careful crops, accurate preparation, respecting the nuances of taste of each ingredient and its combinations. And on every dish, Extra Virgin olive oil, that incomparable condiment that makes every recipe unique.

The variety of olives
The cultivar, or better cultivars from which the oil comes from, become an essential element in order to understand and truly appreciate the quality and characteristics of this essential ingredient to eating well. Today, no one would be surprised that from a number of vine varieties (Barbera, Merlot, Chardonnay, Nebbiolo ...) very different wines can be obtained, distinguished by their colour, aroma and flavour. And not even the fact that the same vine varieties, depending on the area, methods of cultivation, processing or vintage could produce either an ordinary table wine or an excellent connoisseur's product. Well, the same principle applies to oil.

There are more than 500 cultivars.
Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Biancolilla, Casaliva, Coratina, Moresca, Ogliarola ... these are just a few of more than 500 cultivars, that is the variety of olive trees that are cultivated in Italy. Depending on their micro climate, the soil composition, the type of cultivation and harvest, each of them produce different organoleptic characteristics and thus a different flavour. Either alone or mixed with other varieties, they produce Extra virgin olive oil with unique and individual colour, aroma, flavour and after-taste.

The personality of an Extra Virgin
Just like wine, each oil has its own personality, its own particular "cru". All this opens a new way, a more refined and evolved way to appreciate eating well. Carefully "Listening to" the sensations experienced by the palate, the identification of flavours that distinguish differences, appreciate the most successful "blends", experiment with different food combinations. In tasting all the senses are involved. Sight, smell, taste .. provide, through the full range of their sensations, an accurate and precise analysis and evaluation of each oil. Every nuance, every possibility of combining dishes or recipes.

The importance of condiment.
To prepare, complete and enhance every recipe, the oil culture takes on great significance as it is only through good understanding that it is possible to select the perfect combination. We have become accustomed to choosing wine carefully, in uncertainty advice is sought, but for oil, this unfortunately is still not the case. Yet oil unlike wine, does not accompany the dish, it is part of the dish and it characterises the dish! Fortunately, some restaurants, however, have begun to create an Extra Virgin oil list to accompany their wine list. We hope that this correct behaviour will continue to spread in time, however, in the meantime, remember to read our recipes and suggestions provided by our sommelier.

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