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Preparing for spring

Wellness and health
21 Aprile 2014

Preparing for spring

Extra Virgin olive oil for intestinal regularity and healthy skin

"April sweet sleep." The nursery rhyme that was once told to children is, in fact, true: with the arrival of spring, the whole body feels the need to regenerate. To do that, the body needs three important things: sleep, exercise, especially walking if possible in nature, and "cleansing" the body of impurities accumulated during the winter months.
For the first two, good intentions are required; but for the third, try a little Extra Virgin olive oil.

An olive oil based "cure"

It is well known that olive oil is good but perhaps it's less well known that it can also be used as a remedy. Not only ancient peoples, but also our grandmothers knew it and used it a lot.
Some will still remember the advice given by the older generations, suggesting a teaspoon of olive oil every morning in spring.
Today we know that this idea comes not only from tradition, but also from a solid scientific basis. In fact, a teaspoon of Extra Virgin olive oil before breakfast actually facilitates gallbladder contraction, making the liver's job easier and purifying it at the same time. Furthermore, a teaspoon of Extra Virgin olive oil, preferably mixed in half a glass of water, has a mild laxative effect and therefore helps regulate bowel function.

Oral hygiene

Extra Virgin olive oil is also a great mouthwash and a pure, natural teeth whitener. The idea is to spend five minutes every morning before breakfast performing these treatments. Here's how it's done: sip a spoonful of oil, sucking noisily and holding it in your mouth, as if to taste it. Then, allowing it to circulate in the mouth, for several minutes, as you would with a mouthwash. Allow it to move through the mouth repeatedly, between the interstices of the teeth and after a few minutes spit it out.
Even in this case it is not necessary to continue the treatment for a long period, simply rinse every morning, for ten days.

For the skin
In ancient times, it was the most used beauty product and even today those who choose to take care of themselves with natural products will find a wide variety of items available on the market, made with olive oil.
An Extra Virgin olive oil massage, in fact, a true "Mediterranean diet for the skin" because it nourishes, softens, tones promotes skin elasticity, prevents stretch marks and fights the ageing process.
Monini's new ExtraV line of cosmetics is perfect for bringing your skin to its optimum condition.


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