extra virgin with a delicate taste


It is the equivalent of "Il Poggiolo" in Italy. It is a very particular Extra Virgin olive oil, born from nearly fully ripe olives.


Serving suggestions

For its soft, light and delicate taste, it is suitable for any culinary preparation, cooked or raw; ideal complement to more delicate food.


I find it difficult to open the cap.

The current opening system was created with the precise intention of greater convenience and safety, respecting the environment, replacing the PVC capsule seal with a guarantee band made of paper. If the problem is of a...

What is the onset of ripening?

It is when there is a change in the surface colour of the fruit from green to yellow to red to purple to a wine colour and then completely black. For each variety of olive oil there is a time of ripening in which the oil...

What is the smoking point?

It is the temperature at which the oil begins to smoke. This value depends on the oil's degree of acidity. All seed oils, but also olive oil (not extra virgin!) during refining are neutralised and have an acidity value of...

Did you know that...