Our History


Zefferino Monini, recognising his sound organisational skills follows his instincts and establishes a food trading company in Spoleto, Umbria.


Zefferino Monini olive oil is born.   As a result of previous experience, Zefferino becomes convinced that the best rewards are in focusing attention exclusively on extra virgin olive oil. In fact, success comes quickly and the sales area extends to the neighbouring regions of Lazio, Marche and Romagna.


During the war, business is interrupted as the product is rationed. In 1945, thanks to the liberalisation of food products, production recommences with renewed energy. His sons Carlo, Nello, Giuseppe and Paolo join the business.


During that period, the product was sold bulk and unpackaged by shopkeepers. Anticipating future market needs, Monini adds the first bottles which will flank the traditional demijohns.


ROME OFFICES. In the meantime, the new generation becomes specialised: Giuseppe joins his father in sourcing raw materials while Nello moves to Rome, opening a warehouse to best meet the needs of the important Lazio market; Paolo develops an increasingly significant interregional presence, so much so to merit the prestigious Mercurio d'oro Award in 1964.


First advertisement. The Monini product, in constant growth, adopts the first forms of advertising communication in order to also increase public awareness.


New company headquarters are established to upgrade the business to important technological, qualitative and service standards. 
Employees reach 40.


The first forms of positioning and branding begin to develop in the oil sector.
Nothing better than "An Olive Spremuta" summarises Monini's commitment and philosophy, which have driven Monini since its birth! The credit for this intuition goes to Nello.


In conjunction with the evolution of the Italian distribution system (and the development of the GDO), the company adopts a more appropriate structure, moving from an Italian S.A.S.  to an Italian S.P.A.. There are now 60 employees with a turnover of 60 billion lire.


STAR acquires 35% of the MONINI shares.


Company management is taken over by Zefferino Monini and his sister Maria Flora Monini, the founder's grandchildren, and Giuseppe's children, who have been working in the company for years. In the same year, Monini acquires Gaslini, a historic name in the oil sector.


MONINI north America is founded and based in Norwalk, Connecticut (since moved to Shelton, CT), a choice that was made necessary as a result of the desire to maximise the globalisation of the product and the company's mission.


After 14 years of an alliance with Star, Zefferino decides to buy back the 35% stake that was sold in 1988: "the family's oil" is once more back in the hands of the Monini family.


Monini POLSKA, based in Poznan is founded, and it actually hosts 12 employees. Today Monini is the leader of the Polish market with over 20% of the market share.