The Oil Mill

The Frantoio del Poggiolo is a multi-purpose centre for the development and study of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: on one side there is the laboratory for research into superior quality and extra virgin olive oils, and on the other there is the information centre to help spread knowledge about our passion.

The project started in 2001 with the aim of creating a centre of excellence capable of defending the origin of products analysing, studying and keeping the parameters of the entire production chain under control: from the selection of cultivars, to the verification and adaptation of harvesting methods, processing and pressing.
Our constant, attentive passion to obtain the excellent product that has always been a feature of the Monini company.
But the Frantoio del Poggiolo also has a goal of "developing an extra virgin olive oil culture" by launching a major awareness campaign and providing information about extra virgin olive oil and offering sensory education.

During the year, the following events are scheduled:

  • meetings and conferences devoted to the culture of extra virgin olive oil and sharing best techniques for cultivation and working
  • in-depth analysis and cultural exchange with internationally renowned chefs from different countries
  • seminars, workshops and tasting and cooking courses for enthusiasts and gourmets who want to discover the secrets of Extra Virgin olive oil.


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