The Olive Grove

The olive hills. Forty hectares of agricultural land on the hills overlooking the valley of Spoleto: in this area, almost completely planted with olive trees, is the Frantoio del Poggiolo.  Of these three hills, the olive grove covers about 25 hectares and has 5,000 olive trees from the old grove, centuries old, and 1,500 olive trees more recently planted.

The different varieties have been carefully selected; some are native to the area, others have been imported. Being close to our olive trees, we can carefully study every moment and every variable involved in the cultivation, harvesting and processing of PDO extra virgin olive oil.
Of the cultivars that make up the groves: approximately 80% are Moraiolo, a typical variety in Umbria and almost exclusive to the region. It characterises the blend of oils in the area of Assisi and Spoleto: 12% Frantoio and 4.5% Leccino, two noble varieties also found in other regions of central Italy, and 3.5% of other varieties.
These plants give us the olives which are pressed in the modern system at the Frantoio del Poggiolo, and, therefore, also the organic extra virgin olive oil (A.I.A.B. certified), which has already won several international awards in competitions for quality and best PDO production.