Il Monello

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


A “Novello” (from the new harvesting season) Extra Virgin olive oil is produced from the first olives harvested early in the season when the taste is fruity and peppery. Most often this oil comes from south of Italy where olives are harvested as early as October.

A real Novello Extra Virgin olive oil is usually unfiltered, and  Monini “il Monello” , a seasonal product, has a distinct taste of green tomato with a fresh grassy fragrance.

Serving suggestions

  • 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil
  • Fresh from yearly new harvest
  • Pungent taste
  • Unfiltered
  • Ideal on seasonal soups

What is P.D.O. oil ?

A P.D.O. oil (Protected Designation of Origin) is oil produced in an area of limited and homogeneous production. The production area, the varieties of olives used, the method of producing them, the conditions of oil extraction...

Is it true that the extra virgin olive oil holds more...

No, all fats both from animal and vegetable origin, provide our bodies with the same amount of calories, equivalent to 9 Kilocalories per gram. However, Extra Virgin is preferable for the types of fat it contains: it is rich...

Is "first pressed" oil the best?

Today, all oils undergo a "first and only" pressing. Many years ago, however, the olives did undergo a first, softer pressing, followed by a second one. But for decades, all the olives undergo a single pressing or extraction...

Did you know that...