Chianti DOCG Vinegar

Vinegars and Dressings selection


It is a selected Premium range of products with superior taste and fragrances, vinegars and dressing are obtained following the ancient traditions and under the strict control of Monini. The production processes are all natural and designed to enhance all their peculiar fines properties.

Their high quality from very special raw materials makes them excellent to dress salads, meat and fish in combination with extra virgin olive oil. They are also perfect on raw and cooked vegetables.


What is the smoking point?

It is the temperature at which the oil begins to smoke. This value depends on the oil's degree of acidity. All seed oils, but also olive oil (not extra virgin!) during refining are neutralised and have an acidity value of...

How are olives harvested?

Manually or better, with the assistance of tools that facilitate harvesting (such as a type of vibrating rake), or better yet using machines that act as shakers, shaking the trunk or main branches, to make the olives fall onto...

How are quality olives produced?

The olive grove must be managed carefully and be located in areas naturally suited to growing olives. The main points can be summarised as follows:

  • The varieties of olives should be the best, those most suitable...
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