Most awarded organic branded Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Ultra-premium, organic, 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced with great care and passion by Monini.

From land to olive groves, from the harvesting systems to oil extraction in the press, everything occurs in accordance with organic agricultural principles and quality excellence. Bios is guaranteed organic from start to finish, from the first to the last drop in the press. It is certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

Serving suggestions

Ideal for a dressing in its raw state, with fish, white meats and vegetables.


Is Extra virgin olive oil difficult to digest?

Oleic acid is abundant and characteristic of olive oils. It stimulates the contraction of the gallbladder, promoting the release of bile juices (and therefore rapid digestion), and in doing so also limits the formation of...

How is Extra virgin olive oil best stored?

As stated on the label, oil, any type of oil needs to be stored away from the light, preferably in the dark, in a cool area and must be "well sealed".

Why are some oils packaged in dark glass bottles and...

Direct or indirect sunlight, and even more common, light from light fixtures, is an enemy to the preservation of extra virgin olive oil, but also of wine and all other food products Monini uses dark glass bottles for its...

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