Bios UE

organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Ultra-premium, organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced with great care and passion by Monini.

From land to olive groves, from the harvesting systems to oil extraction in the press, everything occurs in accordance with organic agricultural principles and quality excellence. Bios is guaranteed organic from start to finish, from the first to the last drop in the press.

Serving suggestions

Ideal for a dressing in its raw state, with fish, white meats and vegetables.


What is the onset of ripening?

It is when there is a change in the surface colour of the fruit from green to yellow to red to purple to a wine colour and then completely black. For each variety of olive oil there is a time of ripening in which the oil...

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What is P.D.O. oil ?

A P.D.O. oil (Protected Designation of Origin) is oil produced in an area of limited and homogeneous production. The production area, the varieties of olives used, the method of producing them, the conditions of oil extraction...

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