Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

for the finest dishes


Monini glaze is a creamy, smooth sauce that incorporates all the tradition and the typical taste of IGP balsamic vinegar from Modena Easy to use, and gives a touch of originality and elegance to sweet or savoury recipes.

Serving suggestions

Extremely versatile! It can be used to dress a simple salad, to add more flavour to a tasty second course of meat or fish, to add extra flavour to fried potato chips or to enrich a tasty fruit salad or dessert.  But the triumph of its use is in the decoration: thanks to the practical packaging, just one simple gesture to complete every recipe with taste and elegance.

Ingredients are exclusively balsamic vinegar, grape juice and cornstarch. It is not, by any means, complicated. It does not contain gluten nor GMOs and its production process ensures the continuity of taste over time and the stability of the product


What does the term "cultivar" mean?

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What is P.D.O. oil ?

A P.D.O. oil (Protected Designation of Origin) is oil produced in an area of limited and homogeneous production. The production area, the varieties of olives used, the method of producing them, the conditions of oil extraction...

What is the smoking point?

It is the temperature at which the oil begins to smoke. This value depends on the oil's degree of acidity. All seed oils, but also olive oil (not extra virgin!) during refining are neutralised and have an acidity value of...

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