10 April 2019

The label of guarantee was awarded to Zefferino Monini by Matteo Fago, publisher of Il Salvagente.

Spoleto, 10th April 2019

It passed all the taste tests and laboratory analyses designed to objectively and independently assess the product’s quality and reliability: Monini olive oil consequently obtained the Zero Truffe certification awarded by monthly magazine Il Salvagente for helping consumers to consciously purchase certified products or services.


A leading brand in extra virgin olive oil production, Monini has always believed and invested in quality, professionalism and compliance with the highest production standards. “We are particularly proud of the Zero Truffe certification because it testifies and attests to the values that the company has always embraced,” commented President Zefferino Monini, who received the Il Salvagente award from publisher Matteo Fago on Monday, 8th April.


The checks carried out to award Monini the label of guarantee focused on two specific products: “Classico” (Originale) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an EU blend in a 1 litre bottle, and the “GranFruttato” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, composed of a 100% Italian blend in a 1 litre bottle.


The laboratory tests arranged by Il Salvagente, which are all carried out in compliance with EU regulations and in accredited laboratories, include tasting tests, free acid tests and analyses on the content of ethyl esters, polyphenols, peroxides and pesticide residues. All the results were well within the limits set by the law and the more restrictive parameters identified by the magazine. The requirements of the products under examination were assessed, certifying the total absence of organoleptic defects and of a fruity median always greater than zero for both types of oil.


This certification is a confirmation of the excellent results that Monini has obtained in the past in tests conducted by several specialist magazines in Italy and abroad, most notably the analysis conducted by “Il Test” magazine in June 2015 on the main extra virgin olive oils on the market.

Monini can now boast another recognition that highlights the quality of its products and its attention to consumers.


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