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Technical cookies: the sole purpose of technical cookies is to allow or facilitate electronic communication and they must be strictly necessary for the provision of a service that has been specifically requested by the user (cfr. Art. 122 comma 1 of the DP code).

These technical cookies are saved and processed by the owner or the manager of the website: session or navigation cookies, which are required for the site and its applications to function optimally (online purchasing, access to secure pages, etc.), cookie analytics, used by the manager of the website to gather infos about the number of visitors and their behavior while browsing the website, and functional cookies, which memorize the user’s browsing preferences (language, basket, etc.) in order to provide a more personalized online experience.  


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Targeting cookies: they are used to profile the website visitors and to match advertising to the user’s interests and preferences.
Targeting cookies are not directly collected by this website.

Third-party cookies: the purpose of third-party cookies is to create anonymous user profiles according to their browsing history on a network of websites. The information collected is then used to display advertisements that match what seems to be of interest to the user. As the name suggests, these cookies are not managed by Monini.

This website also uses tracking cookies from social media sites. The data recorded using these application buttons are processed by the social media site editor and as a result, Monini may not have access to them. Similarly, third parties are not able to access cookies submitted by Monini.

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