Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils

A complete line of flavoured EVOs to easily add a special touch to any dish. The range has been chosen to satisfy all tastes without losing the most authentic and traditional flavours of the Italian cuisine.

100% Organic Flavoured Extra Virgin Oil

Dedicated to all the consumers who choose to live in harmony with nature.  A whole range with 100% organic ingredients: both extra virgin olive oil and aromas come from organic farming.

Lemoniny Lemon Juice

Lemoniny lemon juice comes from Sicily sunny valleys and it is a real, premium “squeeze of lemons”.


An easy and tasty way to cook a delicious Italian pasta meal. All these recipes respect and preserve the old Italian traditions and fragrances. All the Mediterranean fragrances in a unique dish.

Table Olives

A range of typical olives coming from selected regions of Italy, a unique taste for everyday cooking and for top level cooking art. Perfect for appetizer, hors-d’oeuvre, sandwiches and snacks.