We keep everything under control to guarantee the quality of our products.

Using a certified quality system means fixing standards to be respected on the basis of voluntary international norms which we succeed in achieving thanks to careful attention to every detail of the production chain: management, purchasing, the manufacturing and commercial process, staff, client assistance, logistics and checks performed at all stages including analytical tests performed accurately

and promptly by our internal lab. This good practice apparatus is crucial to the production of healthy, top quality foodstuffs and is formalized in a quality system made up of a manual, procedures and record keeping modules made available to the certifying body which checks the company’s conformity and all clients at the auditing phase.





Production unit

ORTHODOX UNION: Certificazione Kosher


Production unit and press

DOP:Production and packaging DOP Umbria


Production unit, press and commercial farm

ISO 9001:2008:standard for quality management systems


Production unit and press

BIO:Production and organic product packaging


Production unit

British Retail Consortium: “health care safety” of private label agro-food products


Production unit

International Food Standard: “health care safety” of private label agro-food products


Production unit, press and commercial farm

UNI 10854 :1999: Design and implementation of the self-monitoring system based on HACCP


Production unit, press and commercial farm

OHSAS 18001:2007: certification for Health and Safety management systems


Production unit

ISO 22000:2008: Management systems for food safety


Production unit

EPD: Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Classico”, “GranFruttato”, “Poggiolo”, “Delicato” – Environmental Product Declaration


Production unit




A simple philosophy underlies our environmental policy: take nothing away from nature and the local area, two indispensable raw material quality elements.

This belief has made us one of the first large scale firms in Italy to obtain Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) certification, an investment designed to keep alive the values which have made our oil making tradition great and which we now safeguard responsibly for future generations.

We have taken several important steps to safeguard the environment ranging from installing a photovoltaic system at the plant, buying energy from certified renewable energy sources and introducing recycled glass packaging.

Today we are a cutting edge firm in terms of buildings, technology and quality testing, capable of renewing tradition by means of a responsible management model in environmental, social and ethical terms.

Set up in Sweden but now worldwide, the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) regulated by ISO 14040:06 international standards is issued by the Swedish Environmental Management Council which manages the International EPD® System.

Most of our best extra-virgin olive oils – Gran Fruttato, Classico, Poggiolo, Delicato, BIOS and D.O.P Umbria – have obtained this certification after environmental performance testing across their life cycles (Life Cycle Assessment, LCA).

To calculate environmental performance the system analyses production, fertilizers used in olive growing, water extraction methods, the volume of water used for irrigation, subsidiary material used in the olive harvest such as the fuel and electricity used at the plant and to transport the olives to the press. Enquiries into product working, transport and packaging are equally rigorous.

Final calculations comprise waste, ranging from product residues to all packaging elements, impact on global warming and the ozone layer and other parameters. A product life cycle environmental impact table has been compiled and published for each of these phases.

The certification documents obtained by our oils can be consulted and downloaded from the EPD site.