Organic condiments with extra virgin olive oil and tasty fragrances
100% organic & % tasty

Dedicated to all the consumers who choose to live in harmony with nature.  A whole range with 100% organic ingredients: both extra virgin olive oil and aromas come from organic farming.

They are officially certified by ICEA, the Italian Institute for Ethic and Environmental Certification internationally renowned.

Only natural methods are used in the organic agriculture without any artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

Organic White Truffle

It has its best application on pasta, grilled meats and carpaccio, as well as on eggs, pizza and cheese fondues.

It makes every recipe more appetizing!

Organic Basil

Perfect when making Italian-style recipes. It is indicated for pasta, salads and it is also great for flavouring soups.

Also suitable for fresh salads of pasta and rice, tomatoes and mozzarella or potatoes.

Organic Garlic & Chili

For a spicy taste on tomato sauces and fish or legumes soups.

It is recommended for steaks, raw and cooked vegetables.

For all those who like to add a hot, spicy note to their food!

Organic Lemon

It is ideal for salads and marinades, very good for fish (boiled and roasted) and special on poultry and vegetables.

It suitable to flavour the dough for cakes.