Our experience provides a high quality range
It is a range of extra virgin olive oils with different intensity, personality and taste

GranFruttato Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the pride of the Monini production. It is dedicated to the most demanding consumers who prefer an intense and strong flavour.

The distinct pungent taste is due to the rich content of polyphenols, potent natural anti-oxidants to which modern medicine attributes a fundamental role in defending

the organism from oxidation and thus from cell aging.

For its outstanding characteristics, it should be used raw, where only a few drops can enhance the food.

It is very tasty on “bruschetta” (toasted bread), salads, raw and cooked vegetables, stews and where a rich olive taste is called for.


Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil is easily recognizable thanks to its balanced and harmonious sensorial characteristics and intense, versatile flavour. The pleasant notes

of freshness recall the smell of freshly cut grass.

With a truly balanced flavour it really complements any dish and is always a consumers favourite. For all these reasons Classico is the best selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil

in the Italian market. A real number 1*!

*Nielsen, Dec. 2017.


Delicato Extra Virgin Olive Oil has all the health benefits of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil but its flavour is lighter and softer.

A great solution for those who are not accostumed to the strong pungent (peppery, spicy) typical Extra Virgin Olive Oil taste. Seasoning and cooking with Delicato Extra

Virgin Olive Oil will enhance the food but won’t overpower it. Ideal for salads, marinades, dressing and all Italian specialties.