Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oils
100% Italian & 100% Organic from a single variety

The mono variety, or monocultivars, are quality oils produced with olives of a single variety, with unparalleled characteristics and taste.

These products are made with mono variety olives – Nocellara , Frantoio and Coratina, 100% organic and 100% Italian, produced in selected territories.


The philosophy of the Monini family has always been to produce impeccable Extra Virgin Olive Oils of superior quality that remains consistent over time. This belief has inspired Mr Monini to offer a new organic range of three excellent Monocultivar extra virgin olive oils, certified along their entire production chain: from the olive grove to the table.

Our monocultivar were developed to create oils characterised by quality without compromise, using only the finest 100% Italian and 100% certified organic ingredients.

Monocultivar project
    This Monocultivar project aims at:

    • taking care of our selected olive grove using only cutting-edge technology;
    • extracting the oils in our own oil mill;
    • following our strict guidelines which all the players involved in the supply chain must comply with.

    To obtain these 3 extra virgin olive oils with unparalleled and distinctive fragrances and tastes 3 single varieties of olives were identified: Coratina, Nocellara and Frantoio.


Before the harvest, with innovative methods, every cultivar undergoes a DNA analysis to choose the right ripening stage and the highest quality of the olives. Continuous low temperature control during every step of the production (harvest, transport, storage conditions) reduces the risk of any fermentation process that may harm the quality of the oils.


Once arrived at the Monini Oil Mill in Spoleto in refrigerated vehicles, the olives are washed and dryed and after the extraction the oil is immediately filtered to prevent fermentation and degradation before bottling.

Modern Technology & Craftmanship

Zefferino Monini in person is involved in the whole process, from the idea to the bottling. With his experience and expertise he constantly contributes to the continuous improvement of the products by providing precious advices to obtain products with unique fragrances.