Olive Oil
For baking, frying, cooking, it is sometimes worth using healthy olive oils!

Not only extra virgin … for baking, frying, cooking, it is sometimes worth using other healthy fats, olive oils!  Anfora and Mild & Light olive oils are extremely resistant to high  temperatures and are perfect for long cooking recipes.  Olive Oil is the most resistant oil for frying at high temperatures compared to the majority of seed oils. In fact, the temperature at which this oil begins to deteriorate and release harmful substances is higher and this allow frying at high temperatures leaving food crispy, light and tasty.

In a healthier diet it is ideal for all sorts of savoury and sweet recipes. Their delicate taste is worth appreciating especially when we do not require the strong pleasant taste and green colour

of the extra virgin olive oils to dominate the dish.


Olive Oil has a pleasant almond flavour and a soft yellow colour with golden hues. Thanks to its particular delicacy it doesn’t affect the natural flavour of the ingredients and can be used for both frying and cooking.

Mild & Light

Olive Oil has a very gentle and mild taste and a pale yellow colour which make it perfect for light taste cooking and golden crispy deep frying.